Discount Watches

Buying reliable watches

When considering a mens watch to buy, reliability has to be the key factor. Design, price and features all have to fall by the wayside if the watch is not reliable. Watches have one primary function and that is to tell the time. If the mens watch fails to do this, quite frankly it is useless.

Watches for men

Do not be blinded by the James Bond feel of a watch. It may look all lovely and exciting but when you are continually late because you do not know which dial to look at, or you are running on Tokyo time, the mens watch has again lost its primary function. Narrow down your choices to something practical for your needs.

Watches for women

There seems to be a lot more choice for watches for women. There are many styles, colours, designs and patterns to select from, but it is rare to get as many extras like compass and dials like you do with watches for men.

Watches for men are much more practical. Years ago you could purchase ones with calculators on the front. However the introduction of mobile phones with all the gadgets that come with technology, has ruled out the need for such gadgets on watches. You can however still buy gimmicky watches with secret cameras on. Perfect for a budding spy!

General tips for buying watches

Be clear on what you want – if you need a stopwatch, make sure you only look at ones with a stopwatch. It is very easy to get distracted by other things or by a very persuasive sales assistant. If you have a clear budget, make sure you are realistic. You will not get a basic Omega for the same price as a Casio. Try to buy a good brand name if you can, and always check the guarantee and returns policy in case you run into problems.